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Our History

The company was formed in 1954, the brainchild of our founder Mr Peter Marwood MBE and started out in humble premises in Wymeswold.

Starting out as primarily sheet metal fabrication engineers we quickly diversified into warm air heating and ventilation, and as a result of this growth relocated to our first premises in Nottingham in 1985.

From our first base in Nottingham we expanded our portfolio of products and services to include air conditioning, mechanical pipe work services, factory and LEV extract systems and the ever expanding warm air and radiant heating markets.

The success of these new products and services enabled the business to move into larger premises, culminating in our recent move to our new site in Bingham.

Our new site provides an even larger base from which to operate our sales and service activities throughout the UK.

Our engineering staff are highly trained and possess accreditation that enables us to cover a variety of disciplines such as refrigeration, gas, electrical, coded welding, and mechanical services.

Every year we install, service and carry out planned maintenance of thousands of air conditioning, industrial heating, and ventilation systems throughout the UK, our customers rely on us to ensure their system is the best, most cost-effective and reliable system available.

We are BS EN ISO 9001 accredited and have in house design capabilities and a CAD drawing office to enable us to fulfil your exact requirements.


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Our Company

Fieldair Ltd are your "Total Solution Provider" for all aspects of air conditioning, industrial heating, ventilation and mechanical services, ensuring the efficient and trouble free operation of the "Workplace Environment".



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